Euro Spares Zone Co. W.L.L. – Kuwait, was formed in 2005 as a trader of Automotive Spare parts for the European Vehicles both Passenger and Trucks, Like Mercedes, M.A.N., BMW etc. Our extensive range includes more than 30,000 items covers all Engine parts, Body parts, Gear parts, Electrical parts, Suspension parts …etc. All sourced from top reputed manufacturers like, Vehicles manufacturers, Original Equipment manufacturers OEM, and other famous European manufacturers.

We run our operations through 5 showrooms and a main warehouse in both KUWAIT & Jebel Ali - UAE. Our Business is activated by a well experienced team of 36 employees aiming always for professionalism. Depending on our strong relations, availability, prices and experience.
           EURO SPARES ZONE Co.       
           Shuwaikh, Canada Dry Street, Next to London Super Market, Kuwait       view direction map
         +965 24921742 / 3    +965 24921348    +965 99621478